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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The patch

The berries are late! Usually by this time I have picked at least enough to munch on, fortunately I still have some in the freezer from last year or the big red panic button would have been pushed. Their excuse would be (if they could talk) that the weather has been weird and just not hot enough but despite their excuses, they are still late.

The blueberry patch is planted below my small garden and it has 20 resident plants. Then there is a row of 10 more berry bearers in a row down the driveway - fairly young ones but bearing none the less. Then over the winter I planted 15+ on the bedroom end of the house, using an indeterminate number because I have lost at least two of these.

The new plants come from shoots coming up from around my older plants, so all that is needed is the energy to dig them up and replant them in another location. I wonder at what point I would be considered as having a blueberry forest?

Other chores beckon me with their grimy fingers, so I must be out and about.



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