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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

battle ax

The better part of the afternoon was spent with battle ax in hand(hand held mattock/tiller) and at total war against the grass/weeds that were proliferating around and about my outside AC condenser unit. They were trying their best to overrun the unit and I was determined that they were not.

These natural growths would not be offensive if they were out in the middle of the lawn, but they were trespassing in areas that they knew they shouldn't go. Weapon in hand, I hacked my way through these interlopers, ripping them from the soil. One could hear their little screams as their roots bit the air - of course some floks would have heard nothing, depending on the fertileness of their imaginations.

The condensation drains had to be redone since the pipe had broken, this pipe was replaced and another pipe was placed on both the drains to allow the moisture to flow away from the foundation of the house. I've noticed that the water around here almost always flows downhill.

During this operation, a toad got very irate and stomped (hopped) away from the action. But he kept sneaking back every time my back was turned. Finally he/she got the idea after I forced him/her to go under the shrubs. After the successful operation, I sheathed my trusty battle ax (put it in a bucket) and walked back inside the castle, tired but proud of the completed task. I would be vigilant, lest these sneaky growths invade again.

Later I walked down amonst the blueberries to check up close and personal as to their ripeness. I now stand corrected - even though I'm seated at the moment - some ripe berries were present among the many that were not. I then proceeded to attach a very expensive berry container (a plastic milk jug with part of the top cut off) to my belt loops and in an extremely labor intensive manner picked about a half gallon of these dark blue delights. mreddie


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