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Saturday, July 29, 2006

BBH - miscellany

Today is the time period that came right after the hours that is now known as yesterday. It almost seems a bit cruel to depose that wondrous day and to cast it into the dustbin of memories at the stroke of midnight. But then what else could we do with those 24 hours, since it is impossible to stop the flow of time and hold it in the present. A further complication to this is the fact that I actually wrote it yesterday.

Since today is no longer tomorrow, I figured I might as well do something in this time period before it became yesterday and I could no longer reach it except by the elusive memory route. One decision was to go outside and do something productive in the care and nurturing of the blueberries and garden. It became somewhat of a Biblical activity since at first I was doing a bit of pruning on the bushes to improve their productivity next year – and pruning is in there.

In Genesis it speaks of the ground producing thorns and thistles and my yard is certainly lining up with scripture. Then it states that by the sweat of your brow you will eat your food – that happened to me as well, but not just my brow, all of me was pretty much sopping wet. It didn’t help that my decision to go outside came at a time that the temp was 96F and felt like 99F. It was fortunate indeed that my enthusiasm ran out before the “felt like” temp went to the 104F that was promised – I gave up and came inside and changed into dry clothes.

It would be much better to work outside before the temp got so uncomfortably hot, but that would require getting up much earlier. The problem with that wise adage is that it would be necessary to go to bed much earlier in order to have that wisdom really become wisdom. The further problem with that is that so many things seem to catch and hold the attention at late hours.

The blueberries are finished for the year and I will enjoy the fruits of my labor – literally – from the bounty of them stored in the freezer. Several things need to be done in the ‘patch’ between now and next year. More mulch is needed in the whole area, some more pruning needs to be done after the leaves drop and most of the sprouts coming out from the plants need to be cut off. Some will be saved to transplant for other spots in the yard and others for some friends of mine.

The squash production appears to be almost over, as are the cucumbers – especially if we don’t get some rain very soon. The tomatoes and okra will still be around for a while longer. A fair amount of rose hips have formed on the rugosa rose and they will be checked out when they get ripe. If they are found to be unacceptable, the plant will not be around next year.

The Spice found some gloves around the house for me to use while picking and cutting up figs – but only a few and then another source of these hand protectors will have to be found. I certainly don’t want to go through the raw fingertips again and there are many more figs that will be available for picking.

Whether I have raw fingertips, get stuck by briars or stung by a wasp, God is still good – all the time. So much for the news from Blueberry Hill. ec


Blogger Sue said...

Sounds like you're a true 'night owl'. I love early mornings, and in the summer usually get up by 6.30am, sometimes earlier. I want to have finished with all chores, watering, etc by 9am if possible when it's going to be hot during the day. And I love opening all the windows to let the early morning breezes through. I don't have your problem with things catching my interest late at night; beyond about 10.30 I can't concentrate on anything. But my husband is more like you, far more awake at night than in the mornings.

7/29/2006 11:34:00 AM  
Blogger Granny said...

Take care of those hands. Ray and I have both discovered we don't heal as quickly now that we've joined the senior set.

7/29/2006 02:37:00 PM  
Blogger mreddie said...

sue - Since retirement, I've had a bit of trouble getting to bed early and hence the difficulty in the early rising department. It would be much better if I rose early and got my outside work done before it got so unearthly hot. Habits are hard to break, but I'm going to have to give some effort to that one.

granny - The last several years I have noticed that my skin seems to be much thinner than in earlier years and is somewhat easy to injure. I'm blessed that my hand and arm strength is still good and I do enjoy outside work - when it's not so hot. ec

7/29/2006 05:09:00 PM  
Blogger Jayleigh said...

All the time, God is good!

7/29/2006 09:44:00 PM  
Blogger mreddie said...

jayleigh - Amen and amen! ec

7/29/2006 11:47:00 PM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Mr Eddie ~~ Lots and lots of work
There is always plenty to be done. I
have the same problem as you, staying
up too late and then my days don't start 'till about 9 am. This will improve when our Winter is over.Thanks
for your comments and good wishes for my daughter, who should be OK this time. Does it get cooler of an evening to perhaps do some work then?
I used to water then. Cheers, Merle

7/30/2006 01:56:00 AM  
Blogger adannells said...

How delightful! Except for the 96 degree weather! My mom used to work on a blueberry farm when I was in elementary school. I remember going there once during their harvesting time and it was really fun. My mom came home everyday with blue fingers. :)

7/30/2006 12:11:00 PM  
Blogger mreddie said...

merle - The best time to get something done here is early - the evenings do cool off a little but then it is dark soon after. The answer sounds simple when I say it fast, it's just that I haven't got there yet.

adannells - The blueberry patch produced very well this year, now it will just be items of maintaince until the next growing season. The figs have taken over center stage in the harvesting department and they are doing a bang-up job of performance. ec

7/31/2006 10:54:00 AM  

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