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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


As I gaze out my window surveying my vast (?) estate (.98) acres, I contemplate the meaning of many things. Particularly what does the word contemplate really mean? The hidden meaning seems to be rather ambiguous and appears to mean: always being on time or to be late every time.

I arrived at this conclusion by dismantling the word to get at the real soul of it's meaning - con: meaning to be against - temp: of course this is short for temporary - and late is not being on time.

So if one is against temporary lateness, they would have to be in favor of either permanent punctuality or forever tardiness. But to follow this line of reasoning would leave the door open for being occasionally on time.

As you can see, this word contemplate is really something to think about. Here's another thought: Vernacular homicide is closely related to the vehicular kind except only words are killed.

Speaking of kangaroos - - The male is known as a boomer, the female is a flyer and the young as a Joey (probably short for Joseph). Then maybe my oration wasn't concerning Macropodidae at all, maybe just feeling a little jumpy.

Can anything be sophisticated and silly - or does either one of these exclude the other? mreddie


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