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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bo and Sam - 3

As I sit here munching left-over banana pudding from our family gathering of last evening, savoring each wonderful bite, I will post one last adventure in the life and times of Bo and Sam. As the scene opens our two friends are walking home from the school bus stop.

Bo: I have finally figured out how to get over my fear of big words.
Sam: How's that?
Bo: Using big words against other big words.
Sam: I think I see the theory -- to beat giants you use other giants -- but exactly how is this "solution" supposed to work?
Bo: Did I hear a little doubt in that question?
Sam: Due to past experience there might have been just a trace of skepticism.
Bo: Would you try not to use those big words till I'm totally recovered?
Sam: Oh, sorry -- but something you're doing must be starting to work, cause you didn't shut your eyes and hardly trembled at all.
Bo: That's cause I've already put "the plan" into motion.
Sam: What does "the plan" consist of?
Bo: That was a borderline word!
Sam: They just keep slipping out --- what about the plan?
Bo: It's in three steps -- Step one: I have written down a bunch of big words -- check out my list.
Sam: Some of these are not so big.
Bo: Well -- you have to start somewhere.
Sam: Do you know what they mean?
Bo: That's step two --- finding out what they mean.
Sam: Finding out? Wouldn't it be simpler to just look them up in the dictionary?
Bo: No -- plus the meanings wouldn't stick with me, also they might mean something different to me.
Sam: How do you find out what they mean to you?
Bo: I do them like I would a bicycle or radio.
Sam: You mean -- tear them up beyond repair or recognition?
Bo: No -- I mean that I take them apart to see what makes them what they are -- and thus learn the true meaning hidden in the word.
Sam: I hesitate to ask -- but would you give me an example?
Bo: Look at that first word on my list.
Sam: Innate? Do you know what that means?
Bo: Sure -- just look at the word -- innate - it's the opposite of eating out.
Sam: Can you use that in a sentence?
Bo: Our family was tired of eating out so we innate.
Sam: If it really did mean that -- why does it have an extra "n" ?
Bo: Cause you always seem to eat more at home and you have more "n" you when you get through.
Sam: The dictionary says it's something possessed at birth.
Bo: Words on a page just can't tell you the real soul of a word.
Sam: OK, OK -- what about this next one - insinuate?
Bo: That's a word describing how my Mom feels when she over eats.
Sam: Confusion is nipping at the edge of my brain like a small irritating dog.
Bo: Watching her weight is like a religion to her, so when she eats too much, she stands in front of the mirror and yells at herself "In sin u ate".
Sam: That word is supposed to mean a hint.
Bo: It's way more than a hint to Mom!
Sam: I think I'm fighting a losing battle -- what about this next one -- discrepancy?
Bo: That comes from an old Brooklyn expression that means somebody you don't like is impatient.
Sam: That one definitely needs explaining.
Bo: Simple -- "Dis creep is antsy" -- they just shortened it so they could say it fast.
Sam: Let's change the subject -- I don't think I can stand any more of "dis" -- you did mention three steps -- what's the third?
Bo: Step three is another big word we talked about in school the other day -- absorption.
Sam: How could that possibly be part of "the plan"?
Bo: My teacher said that a lot of things can be absorbed through the skin.
Sam: Surely you don't think - - -
Bo: I've been sleeping on a dictionary for a week now.
Sam: That's almost the weirdest thing you've ever done!
Bo: Don't make fun -- I think it's working!
Sam: What possible evidence can you offer to back up that conclusion?
Bo: The most popular girl in school spoke to me today.
Sam: You can't be serious!
Bo: I'm as serious as a total body case of poison ivy!
Sam: What, how and why did she say what she did to you?
Bo: Let me answer the "why" first -- I asked her if I could call her sometime.
Sam: And?
Bo: What she said is not as important as how she said it.
Sam: Why do I feel like I'm being set up -- how did she say it ?
Bo: With the purest raw emotion I've ever seen.
Sam: I've never heard of cooked emotion.
Bo: I mean I could almost see her soul when she answered.
Sam: I think you're beating around the bush ---what did she say?
Bo: What she actually said was "Get lost creep!" -- but I don't think she meant it the way it sounded.
Sam: I don't think there's another way to take that statement.
Bo: I'll think of another way with enough time.
Sam: Like a lifetime maybe - - -
Bo: You just can't admit that "the plan" might actually be working.
Sam: The question just occurred to me -- what has "the plan" got to do with talking to girls?
Bo: "The plan" makes me feel more suave and debonair.
Sam: Do you even know what those words mean?
Bo: Sure -- Mom told me debonair is from the French meaning 'the good air' -- so I've been wearing after shave.
Sam: So that's why we've been getting good seats and plenty of room on the school bus!
Bo: Sure -- and if your nose hadn't been stopped up for a week you could have been enjoying it too.
Sam: Did she tell you what suave meant too?
Bo: Didn't have to ask that one -- I already knew that was something you put on your skin when you get a rash.
Sam: I’m going home and tell my Mom she was calling me.
Bo: Tell your Dad too.
Proverbs 17:22 ec


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