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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bo and Sam - 1

With this writing I introduce the adventures of Bo and Sam -- two friends from the same suburban neighborhood. These three stories started out in the form of letters written to a young friend of mine as he was enduring Marine boot camp. As the first story begins, they are in the woods behind Bo's house.

Bo: Can you tell me what kind of bug this is?
Sam: Not unless you open your mouth a little wider.
Bo: I can't -- it might get away!
Sam: Well take it out and hold it in your hand.
Bo: I'm not touching this nasty tasting thing again!
Sam: It would then appear that you have reached crunch time (pun intended) -- when you must either swallow it down or spit it out!
Bo: Patooie!!! ---that tasted awful!
Sam: I hate to ask -- but why did you have a bug in your mouth?
Bo: I'm in survival training -- learning to live off the land -- but I think I'll stick to things that can't move by themselves -- like grass and tree bark.
Sam: That brings me to another question -- why survival training?
Bo: In case of a disaster or national emergency or some other reason -- like if Mom is ever late with supper!
Sam: Suddenly I understand the urgency.
Bo: Nothing like a few flowers and some tree moss to tide a body over till suppertime.
Sam: Has anybody ever told you that you do some pretty weird stuff?
Bo: You might say it has been mentioned -- and I think I've figured out why I do things like this.
Sam: That would probably answer a lot of questions in my mind as well.
Bo: I think it's because I'm from a broken home.
Sam: I didn't know your parents were divorced.
Bo: They're not.
Sam: I think confusion is reigning supreme in one or both of our minds -- if we both have one!
Bo: I can't believe you don't know what a broken home is all about.
Sam: I know my definition -- but evidently it's different from yours.
Bo: I know mine is the right one cause my home is the one broken!
Sam: I've got to ask -- what does a broken home mean to you?
Bo: It's what happened when my Mom drove into the garage and hit the gas instead of the brake.
Sam: You always have neat stuff happen at your house!
Bo: Yeah -- our Ford Escort wound up on the couch -- hey -- you could say that my Mom was "Escort-ed" into the living room.
Sam: Anybody hurt?
Bo: Nah -- just pride, the living room and the Escort.
Sam: I bet your Dad really raised cane!
Bo: He couldn't say too much because it was his fault.
Sam: How could it have been his fault?
Bo: He made Mom nervous when he yelled at her.
Sam: Then he was in the car when it went through the wall?
Bo: No -- he had got out to check on the bike Mom had run over in the driveway.
Sam: I think I see why he yelled at her -- whose bike got run over?
Bo: Dad's new mountain bike.
Sam: Wow -- I wouldn't want to be the one that left the bike in the driveway.
Bo: I wouldn't want to be the one either -- but I am.
Sam: And you're still alive!
Bo: Temporarily --Mom told him that the dog did it.
Sam: He believed that?
Bo: Yeah -- she told him the dog's leash caught on the bike and he dragged it into the driveway.
Sam: That was quick thinking!
Bo: Mom never lies except to save her child's life -- cause she knew I'd be dead meat otherwise.
Sam: I guess you're not hanging around the house very much.
Bo: Right -- cause when Dad remembers that we don't even have a dog -- I'm still in deep trouble -- that's the main reason I'm in emergency survival training.
Sam: Wow -- I guess I better help -- do you eat grasshoppers?
Bo: I told you already -- nothing that moves by itself.
Sam: Well maybe we can find some more bark or leaves or something - - -
The scene fades as the two friends wander on into the woods, searching for something to sustain life.
John 10:10 ec


Blogger eVader said...

two friends wander on into the woods, searching for something to sustain life.

I love the imgage this paints. As human beings, we always feel that something is missing, even after achieving success through bug eatings and other various emergency survival tactics. I love the image because it creates a picture of two people going on some kind of esoteric quest [as if to find the theory of everything, to find that key that unlocks the door to the unverserce] chins up – looking forward- it’s a matter of life and death to sam and bo.

Most people live in fear of this night thied that cometh not but that he steal, slay and destroy – too many people live in fear of this life that is plenteously.

Two friends, heads held high…. Walk in all the way that the lord their god has commanded them, so that they nay life and prosper and prolong their days …. [deut 5.33]

11/17/2005 12:09:00 PM  
Blogger mreddie said...

Whether we are wandering or really searching, we still might stumble one some answers if we continue.

Thanks for the kind words. ec

11/17/2005 03:00:00 PM  
Blogger Writer Mom said...

So you're a fellow playwright, eh?
I'll keep my eye on you!

11/17/2005 06:40:00 PM  
Blogger mreddie said...

Can't you just see it on Broadway - The Adventures of Bo and Sam. :o) ec

11/17/2005 10:57:00 PM  

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