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Monday, November 07, 2005


The following is concerning me – in a cathartic/confessional sort of way – but if it applies to you as well, use it for your betterment and in the furtherance of the Kingdom of God.

Oh that I would be concerned with what God wants me to do – only that – without thought or comment on what others are or are not doing for their Savior – and how well they are doing the same. If my mind and time are occupied in doing God’s will as He reveals it to me, there will be no time left to judge – or even talk about – another man’s servant.

Plus this would considerably increase the amount of time I would have to do whatever the will of the Father might be for me. It seems to me that the more of my time and talent I use in the doing of a task, the more quality would come as a result.

The “thief” comes to lessen or confuse anything I would do in the name of Christ. He will distract me to waste time or get involved in anything – even something good – that might not be the exact thing I should be doing.

And if I feel like I’m stuck in a rut, in the mud of doubt/confusion/indecision/etc., so deep that I feel I’ll never get out, if I act in the direction of the freedom that I desire to have, I believe God will see this small act of faith and lift me out – because He has done so. Not only that but He will help me get the mud cleaned off and put me on a firm foundation so I can be a better servant and run a much better race as well - and He will help me stay out of the mud.

I can scarcely watch or listen to the news anymore without the cold, bony fingers of hopelessness reaching for my very soul. As I mentally process these items from around the world and in our own country, I do not come up with any possible answers in the physical. And it seems that the world has already discounted anything to do with the only true God of the universe.

What is really wrong with my world? Before the echo of this question dies in the wind, the answer comes to me – “You don’t pray enough or properly”. Am I saying that I’m responsible for the things wrong with my world? In a sense this would have to be true – especially in the small part of the world I come in contact with - if I haven’t prayed correctly. Because when I pray until I’ve really prayed, one of two things happens – and often both. One, God changes the situation, or two, God changes me – and either or both of these are a good thing, and can change my world for the better. ec


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