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Thursday, October 27, 2005


The condition of being disgruntled is to occupy the state of sulky dissatisfaction or discontent. It stands to reason then that the word “gruntled” should mean the opposite - having satisfaction or contentment. Of course the dictionary does not agree with me totally, but part of this supposition I have embarked on is also based on this same defining book.

My hypothesis is based on one of the meanings of the root word “grunt”, which states it is a dessert of stewed fruit topped with biscuit dough. I have to assume the article was then cooked, as I’m not particularly fond of raw dough in my desserts, but I am partial to any kind of fruit pie or concoction such as this. The natural flow of deductive reasoning would conclude that once a person partakes of this “grunt”, they then would be “gruntled”.

Another line of reasoning about the word “grunt” comes from personal experience. My eldest daughter has a daughter and a son, and my youngest daughter has a daughter and three sons - all of these have been affectionately called “grunts” by me since their introduction into the world. Being grandchildren, their official title would be grand grunts.

My favorite wife and I baby-sit a fair amount and enjoy that occupation or condition to the same degree. To bring the last line of reasoning to a conclusion, when we are in the midst of attending and enjoying – to one degree or another – our “grunts”, we would then have to be considered “gruntled”.

In the spiritual arena, one only has to look around a bit to perceive a few folks known as Christians that would appear to be disgruntled. There are provisions made to correct this possibly fatal condition. One has only to partake of the slightly bitter pill of asking for forgiveness for being in these disobedient conditions and then the joy found only in Christ can be enjoyed. They then would become “gruntled”, and personally I think we could use more folks of the gruntled type. ec


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