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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

beck and call

The last few 24 hour periods have blended themselves together so thoroughly that they seem like just one large, fat, lumpy day. This present space in time finds us still in temp residence in Tennessee, caring for a small grandson and also looking after his residence. I have hardly been out of the house except to check the mail, take out the trash and to make a trip to their local Wal-Mart.

If I were at home, I would probably be wreaking havoc among the weed and ant population just to show them who was the boss. But then they probably already know that they are – I’m just a speed bump on their road of life, but I do make many of them bite the air or dust – which ever one they are not used to. It seems the older I get, the less I want to leave the old homestead – at least for very long.

Meanwhile, the little one here seems to have two full-grown adults at his every beck and call – and he does do some calling. In between times, they do have a computer and a large screen TV with expanded cable that includes two history channels and the military channel – wow. I did figure out how to blog but still cannot send and email – plus I don’t have access to my addresses. I’m such a rookie in some computer ways.

This little one we are caring for has large blue eyes that seem to look right into ones soul and it makes me wonder what he’s really thinking. The thoughts are probably not nearly so deep as my imagination would have them to be, plus he doesn’t speak English as yet. My vocabulary is mostly in English (Southern style), with a bit of French from way back when and a very few words of Spanish – what this little one speaks is none of these, but hopefully he will pick up some of at least one of the languages in a few years.

Even though he can’t speak understandably, he does let his needs be known in no uncertain terms and at times in a very loud manner. It is weird to think about but after crunching some numbers, I came to the conclusion that I may not be around when this little one gets out of high school. This makes it the more imperative that I strive to influence him all I can in the direction of Jesus – in addition to his parents godly training.

The somewhat forced inactivity was broken again yesterday when I went out to their newly opened Sam’s – they have been open for business about two weeks. They didn’t have everything I went out for so I had to go on down to the infamous Wal-Mart – a different one from the other day - just down the road from there. During these shopping excursions I couldn’t help but notice people’s faces and then the drawing of conclusions as to how their permanent wrinkles got there.

The latter part of that statement is true whether we want to believe it or not – we all have permanent facial wrinkles. These are sculpted into our countenance by our experiences, whether these be pleasant or otherwise. Many folk’s faces can be read like a book, especially from middle age and older. Sadly, many of the young gather these readable lines as well – those of the unpleasant type that are much easier to read. These lines, the action of the eyes and body language tell a story that many times do not match the words that come from the mouth.

Some folks do not like to have these natural wrinkles present on their visage and do all they can to remove them – even resorting to surgery in some cases. The frown lines are not my favorite either and I do all I can to replace them with ones caused by excessive smiling. In fact, this is the easiest way to improve the looks of any face – just smile.

Returning from one portion of my writing style – digression – I returned to my home away from home with my purchases, feeling better just getting out and about for a while. The Disney visiting crowd returned late last night – actually early this morning – a bit worse for wear from relaxing so hard. I’m not sure that the little one knew what to think when his Mom was the one that got him up this morning but he dealt with it very well. ec


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