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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Looking back, the desire had been there for years, but I had always been able to push it into the background and get on with my life. My main explanations to myself had always been that I could not justify the expense and did not think I would use it that much. All that changed recently with a request to help fulfill someone else's dream.

This dream was to build a workshop for my son-in-law in the back of their house. There was an existing concrete slab on the property they purchased earlier this year with the dimensions of twenty by twenty feet. It was placed there by a previous owner with the idea in mind of building just such a shop.

The type building materials were decided on, as well as the locations of a couple of doors and a window. As I was mulling over construction methods in my mind, it hit me like a bolt out of the blue - this was the time for my personal dream to become a reality as well, and my desire to be fulfilled.

Forsooth, I proclaimed to myself - at least mentally - and proceeded forthwith to venture out to yon large home supply outlet and purchase my prize - a pneumatic framing nail gun.

This was a great and magical day, somewhat akin to Christmas, the fourth of July and my birthday all rolled up into one - with groundhog day thrown in for good measure. Back at my residence, I de-boxed my treasure and my eyes feasted on this wonderfully made piece of machinery - wow!

Although I own an air compressor and could have pieced together the fittings and an old hose for a test run of this tool, I rejected the thought and would wait until I could get new fittings and hoses befitting such a finely machined article.

A few days later I ventured forth again and procured the necessary items to make the nail gun fire, among them being not one, but two bright yellow air hoses. Affixing the quick-connect fittings to tool and hoses, it was then down to my workshop to try it out. My purchases had also included two boxes of nails in two different sizes - these being attached together in a row so that many nails could be fired before reloading.

Loading a string of nails and attaching the hose to my compressor, I cast my eyes about for something in my shop that needed another nail. Deciding that my old workbench was a few short, I placed the gun thereon and pulled the trigger. The air pressure and adjustment on the tool was too high and I not only split the board, but also countersunk the nail about a half-inch. After a few adjustments the nails were going to the proper depth and trigger-happy me had used up a whole stick of nails - wow!

On a Friday after this, my brother-in-law and I gathered with son-in-law and proceeded to frame up the shop. Two days and many nails later, we had erected the four walls and had it ready for the pre-fab roof trusses we will put on later.

It doesn't take an expert to drive nails with my new tool, but it does take a little practice. This is because if you don't hold it just right, it will shoot two nails before it can be released - I even hit one spot with a triple during the construction - wow!

To nail down this email, Ephesians 3:20 says "Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us," And to that also I say WOW. ec


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