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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

tranquility - 4

The awareness that another day had arrived became apparent to me in the neighborhood of 8am. Day six of our tranquility trip began with my normally usual of cereal, hot tea and Bible. This place was not my normal usual place, but in spite of that I had my normal usual food, which I usually do, and in so doing, it made the place feel almost usual, in an unusual sort of way.

Still sipping on hot tea, I casually meandered through my Webster’s, stopping along the way to smell the roses, even though there were no actual flowers involved. My mental exercise continued with working on a crossword puzzle until the others arose from their repose.

The weather was overcast and threatening - even promising - a cloudburst at any moment. I was planning to go walk, but when the threat came to moist fruition and I decided to walk the walkways on the front of the condo. The building shape was a slight arc, about 100 yards long with an open stairway at either end. There were six floors, so I walked from one end to the other and then up the stairs to the next floor. Upon reaching the top, I started back down one floor at a time, then back up and so forth.

After 30 minutes of this, I dragged my somewhat tired, somewhat exhilarated, carcass back into the condo for lunch with my very good friends. We had some yummy sandwiches and all indulged in another absolutely delicious, nearly decadent, ice cream sundae. Convincing my common sense that I had earned this delicacy by the aforementioned walk, I enjoyed it immensely.

It was still raining out, so we unofficially declared it a veg out day – or maybe that was just in my mind – and watched another DVD. This in itself was exercise because laughing does burn calories and does the body good “like a medicine”, so we burned a lot of calories while in various positions of repose on the couch and did our bodies good.

It stopped raining later in the day – around 6pm – and since two thirds of the others were napping, I decided to go out and about for a speed walk. Outside I escalated to my fastest walking speed and traveled a route that took me around the entire condo complex. After completing 33 minutes of this, I dropped back to a cool-down speed. About a minute after that I walked right up on a shoulder-less vertebrate lying in the middle of the sidewalk. Actually I don’t know if he was lying or not, it seemed like the truth to me. It was dusky dark, but in the streetlight’s glow I could tell by the shape of the head that it was non-poisonous. I surmised that it was a water snake traversing between two lakes on the property and shooed it across the road to the grass on the other side – for the sake of other walkers.

Came back in and cleaned up a bit, grazed some and worked on crossword puzzles. We decided to play some dominoes, which we did until about 1am, hooting and hollering and enjoying ourselves immensely.

To be cont’d. ec


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