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Friday, September 30, 2005


I'm not totally sure but I think I have a serious illness that's known mostly by its initials - CRS - or - Can't Remember Stuff. I think the main reason I can't remember stuff is because I forget.

Then I found myself wondering - is it harder to remember or to forget? As hard as it is to remember some things, other things are equally hard, or more so, to forget - especially the things we would like to have out of our mind. The writer of an old country song seemed to have a similar problem when he penned, "I forgot to remember to forget".

I personally seem to remember a large accumulation of odd facts but forget names, even of people I've known for years - especially when it's time to introduce them to someone else. This creating more embarrassment that I'd rather forget.

I've heard it said that around home our memory must be in our backside - cause when we get up to do something we forget what it was and as soon as we sit back down we remember.

Some remembrance of the bad is necessary and even beneficial - to keep us from repeating harmful things - even though sometimes we don't remember till we do them again - then it's oops; I should have remembered not to do that! This would be especially true right after smashing your finger with a hammer.

In the spiritual we also remember sins and tend to beat ourselves up with the club of our past misdeeds - even after God forgives us for them. Why is it so hard to simply accept God's forgiveness? ec


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