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Monday, September 26, 2005


The word quotidian refers to something that is done or happens on a daily basis. Stumbling over this unit of discourse in my trusty Webster's caused me to be nudged in the direction of a question. Is there something meaningful that occurs in my life every day outside of the normal happenings?

After extensive research and thought - several minutes - I realized I have a quotidian experience of awe and/or amazement. It is usually something different each time and sometimes several things in a 24-hour period will send me into the land of astonishment.

I'm amazed by the acts that the members of humankind perpetrate on each other, but my sense of wonderment is more often caused by God's creation, and specifically the colors and varieties thereof. This may be the cause of my desire for all the seasons to be like spring.

Awe has even overtaken me in winter, while studying the bare limbs of deciduous trees, because on every branch - large or small - buds are present that hold the tiny beginnings of next season's leaves and flowers. Trees seemingly show more faith than a lot of humans, focusing all their future and energy on the next growing season, because they know the seasons will continue.

After a winter frost, one can pass by a flowerbed that just weeks ago was filled with abundant, beautiful color - now all that remains is the brown, dead plant stems. If these are perennial, they will sprout back in spring - if not, they left seed for the next generation of beauty, and either of these regenerating methods is amazing to me.

How can a whole colony of sightless ants - the equivalent of a large human city - be organized and ruled almost entirely by their sense of smell? They all work very well together for the survival and protection of their society. Their self-defense methods are quickly proven effective if any part of your anatomy encroaches on or even near their abode. They are tiny specks of near incredulity, but a fire ant sting, or multiplied ones, can make a believer out of anyone.

Young human critters are a major wellspring of surprise and entertainment. The small ones I associate with at church constantly amaze me with the variety and fresh newness of their thoughts and ideas. Is there anything more refreshingly delightful than the honest, heartfelt laughter of a child, causing smiles to appear on the most stoic of adults? This takes on even more personal meaning for me when the young smile causers are my "grands".

I have found many other amazements, from tiny to huge in size, feeble to powerful in action, yet most astounding by far are the actions of the Love of God through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus. The best word I can find to describe the forgiveness and peace He supplies is the word AWESOME! ! ! ! ec


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