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Sunday, September 25, 2005

wet sounds

While walking out to my vehicle on a morning long ago and not so far away, a crow flew over, loudly announcing his presence by a very non-melodious cawing. The announcement was not needed for one bird because not only was he/she aware of the crow, he/she was in hot pursuit of the noisy one. He had the goal in mind of driving this dark marauder as far away as possible.

This other one was a mockingbird and put on quite a show with his diving, pecking and aerobatics. I don't know if the crow's punishment was for something he had done or for anything the other bird thought he might do, but I do know crows have a reputation for eating the eggs and young of other birds. Despite the size difference of probably eight to one in favor of the crow, said crow was desperately trying to leave the area and to rid himself of this persistent harasser.

With that in mind, the thought came to me that it's not the attaining of a reputation - good or bad - that's difficult, it's the maintaining of the good and the shedding of the bad. But then if your desire is to maintain a bad reputation, that presents problems as well and requires much expenditure of time and energy. This because it seems that someone always happens along that that thinks they are badder than you – and sooner or later someone will be.

I go from that to being somewhat at a loss as to how to spell the sound an impulse lawn and garden sprinkler makes. The best I could come up with was "chk". I made this sound multiple times to myself and I agree with me that indeed this is the sound that this type sprinkler makes. The only sure way to tell would be to stand side by side with the sprinkler while it is in operation and see if the two of you sound alike. But old clothes or a swim suit would be necessary because you will get your whistle wet - along with the rest of you. ec


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