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Saturday, September 17, 2005

small people

This particular day found me just sitting at lunch in Wendy's, munching on a Classic Single - no cheese, pickle or onion - accompanying each bite with a yummy spoonful of a large Frosty. Given no choice about what type piped in music to listen to, the golden oldies cascaded over my ears and memories.

While trying to concentrate on great and eternal truths, I got the feeling I was being watched, I glanced up into the big blue eyes of a three year old young man at the next table that seemed to be much more interested in what I was doing than in the food his parents were urging him to eat.

I find children to be totally fascinating miniature humans. The afore mentioned youngster and his slightly older brother, to the mock horror of their parents, each received Pepi-la-pew ball point pens in their kid's meal - the Mom mentioned something about seeing the "writing on the wall", literally speaking.

As they left, she was trying to convince the younger one not to be a goober head - I wasn't sure I wanted to see that happen either.

I also enjoyed watching the brief encounter two young girls had with the ketchup dispenser when their mother's attention was directed elsewhere. They were barely counter top tall, but the taller of the two decided to be the pump handle pusher, while the other held the small container.

After climbing up and several tries, a small glob of the red stuff exited the nozzle, landing partly in the container, partly on fingers but mostly on the counter - this was almost immediately cleaned up by an elderly woman I took to be their grandmother, who finally noticed their efforts.

It doesn't take much to entertain me and small people antics are particularly enjoyable to me - especially those of my "grand" ones.

During all these activities there was a squirrel that wandered - with seeming purpose - across the drive-thru driveway toward the pick-up window - possibly one of those nutty phone-in orders. ec


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