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Saturday, September 10, 2005

generalities, etc.

Does character really matter? Not to some characters it doesn't - - and I have seen some REAL characters - - have worked with some and have been lightly suspicioned as to having been one myself, in a wacky sort of way. The trouble with some characters is that they have no character, unless, of course, you count the bad kind.

A person cannot generalize at all except in a vague or indefinite sort of way. It doesn't seem that there can be a definite generalization though, because with the addition of a positive element, (definite) some of the vagueness would be lost and the whole of the generalization would start to deflate like a cheap inner tube.

Yet I'm not sure you can have a random or vague generalization either, because there has to be a subject involved or else nobody would know what you were generalizing about. If a person were generalizing about generalizations, both of these negatives would combine and possibly become a positive and where is the nebulousness in all that?

Then maybe we shouldn't generalize at all, but speak of things in a broad, varied and miscellaneous sense. All this sounds vaguely political - - - speaking of voting, I vote every day.

I vote in favor of: My wife's smile - my grandchildren's laughs - cherry cobbler - Breyers vanilla ice cream (with real vanilla specks) - our outside glider rocker in the afternoon shade - consuming a handful of ripe blueberries straight off the bush - the smells of supper cooking - the melody of wind chimes - the sweet tartness of ripe muscadines - helping kids play games and have fun - rocking with eyes closed with my mind smiling over pleasant memories - opening doors for the lady of my life - hot tea served with dreams and plans - a job well done - real wood grain, especially oak.

But best and most of all I vote for, and choose, joy - - body tingling, emotion charging, mind expanding and spirit lifting JOY!!! The kind you receive when standing forgiven and in total praise of a loving heavenly Father! ec


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