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Sunday, August 28, 2005


The small one roamed the cavernous abode in darkness when all was quiet and free from the rumbling movements of the "giant beings" and when their prying eyes were closed in sleep.

On this fateful night he caught the delicious scent of something that had to be wonderfully good to eat. After searching the usual places and finding nothing, he realized the delightful aroma was coming from the area he had been warned not to go.

Approaching cautiously, he espied the source of the tantalizing smell. Though he was young, he had tasted this delicacy before and remembered it to be absolutely luscious. But as great as the morsel looked, something wasn't quite right - - why was it laying on top of that funny looking contraption?

Could this be one of those horrible things they spoke of at Rodentia Theological Institute? He had attended for a while but got bored and dropped out. The old ones there talked endlessly of things called traps and about how awful they were. He had always believed these were just horror stories told for shock value and to keep the young from having any fun.

Hunger finally overcame his sense of caution and ever so slowly and delicately he reached for the large tidbit. Then came the horrible and bone crushing "snap"!

At the noise, I woke from my cat-nap with a start and knew in an instant what had happened. As I raced toward the danger zone, my mind was screaming "Let it be someone else - don't let it be the small one"! But in an instant I saw that it was him, all my fears were true and I was too late.

I wanted to yell at him "I told you not to come to this corner!", but that was all useless now. We communicated a lifetime of things in the few moments of life he had left. He even wanted me to try to give this cheese, that was costing him his life, to the widow in the next wall.

I relate this sad tale because I am the household historian and the family cat - - and as odd as it sounds, that mouse was my friend. How well I remember his last words before passing - he asked me if humans ever got caught in traps of death as well. I assured him that they did - they were just different kinds of traps - and in their own way they were just as gullible as he. ec


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