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Friday, August 26, 2005

trip 2

On tape the trip continues - no radio on - just driving and thinking. I've heard people say "I guess I just wasn't thinking", but I can't help thinking about whether a person can just stop thinking - I don't think they can - unless they have assumed room temperature.

Sun is finally breaking through the clouds and I was also thinking about the ignorance of some drivers and the high rates of speed at which they travel. The steps of ignorance would seem to be: ignorant, more ignorant and most ignorant - but I'm beginning to believe there may be a few higher than that. The driver that just passed me may have blown the top out of the scale - but who knows, the trip is not over yet, there may be one higher still.

It is good to see the sunshine, he thought, as he placed his sunglasses on his prominent nasal protrusion - this being the most likely place for them since they would be of no value resting on his chin.

Directly in front of me is a breathtakingly blue stretch of sky, between the clouds, I guess it would be considered sky blue, and clouds on either side could be called cloud white.

While driving along, my mind seems to bounce from one thing to another and for some reason it stopped on the expression "batten the hatches" and I wondered whether anything besides hatches could be battened, maybe I could look on the internet. Then maybe I need to turn the radio on.

But I do find thought hopping very entertaining and amusing to me because I never know what I will think of next.

The mountain ridge I just passed was growing a long line of pine trees, it was also growing several cell phone towers - makes me wonder what kind of seeds are needed to grow those. Possibly the seed of communication - hopefully not seeds of discontent, because that would sprout something much uglier than the towers.

Where are all these people going? One would have to assume they were going from somewhere to somewhere - this doesn't take into account the few that were just wandering aimlessly. Is it possible for someone to go away from the "to" and toward the "from"? Maybe if you forgot something at the "from" and turned around before arriving at the "to", because if you ever got to the "to" it would be a new trip altogether with a different "to" and "from" - does that make sense? OK, OK, I'm turning the radio on.

The "to" address was arrived at without farther incident and on Sat it was changed to the “from” as we left and arrived safely back to the "to" that started out as the “from”. Thanks "to" the Lord. ec


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