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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


While driving in rush hour Atlanta traffic, never mind that I should never have been there to begin with, I noticed a curious phenomenon. It seems to relate to an old law (or curious true saying) that nature abhors a vacuum, because there is a similar truism in this aforementioned traffic situation.

But first let me explain that I come from the background, training and experience of driving methods taught, reinforced and re-preached constantly during my almost 38 years with BellSouth. Not to mention the fact that if we drove weird, people would call in and report us. This is because it's hard to hide the big bell emblem on the door of every truck.

Just one of these many driving techniques taught us and insisted on was that of the "space cushion". This is the act of leaving enough vacant space in front of you while driving, that should an emergency occur, you would have enough room to stop before striking the vehicle immediately ahead. Thus avoiding the injuring, killing or maiming of two to eight people, large or small, and your company being drainingly sued.

This area of training works quite well, and has for years, in areas that have normal traffic created by at least semi-normal people. But to call the grinding, daredevil and death defying traffic found within twenty miles of Georgia's capital, and those who create it, anything close to normal is quite a stretch of language definition.

Back to the traffic phenomenon, when leaving a "space cushion" on a rush hour interstate, it is a vacuum that is filled almost instantly by a vehicle. This seems to be true whether the person controlling (debatable) the vehicle wants to actually go into that space or not, and even if it's not the least congested lane.

So what could be the compelling force that pulls the autos or trucks into the space vacuum? Those folks can't possibly be that rude, arrogant or careless - can they?!!

In my quest for an answer, I also ruled out the phases of the moon - though a full moon might have some effect - and the tides, because the same thing seems to happen at the same time every day.

The only other solution I could come up with was electric and electronic in nature. The positively charged mass of autos, trucks and motorcycles moving rapidly - more or less - across the wide expanse of negatively charged asphalt creates a powerful electro-magnetic field that suddenly pulls any passing vehicle into any space that's even close to being big enough to accept it.

On second thought the asphalt must be the positive element because I only sensed negativity inside my auto when this action happened in front of me. Surviving the several times this incident occurred, I forgave them almost immediately, which is just as well, since it only hurts me to hold grudges.

I'm so glad that God forgives us completely through Jesus when we ask and holds no residual bad feelings. After He does this, most of us need to work on forgiving ourselves.

An overused word that should be reserved only for the works of God, especially that of salvation through forgiveness, is: AWESOME!!!! ec

P.S. - In that same Atlanta traffic I also took note of a sign, professionally done and stuck to the rear of a Chevy Blazer. It stated, in letters that were upside down, "If you can read this, flip me over". This may be due to an excessive magnetic field on a given day and evidently has happened before - else why the sign? Surely silly people don't live in Atlanta as well?!?


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