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Sunday, August 14, 2005


On another day, during another season, it was another extraordinary morning in which to wake and I did so semi-gladly. This day was made special by choice and this was a normal occurrence because I don't believe in having ordinary days, or nights either. The weather was cloudy and drizzling but I refuse to let appearances define the type day I will have.

Having had my customary breakfast, hot tea and a devotion, I sallied forth for a day of errands, adventures and opportunities.

The first stop was our local Waffle House to meet an ex-coworker and we had a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, a cup of coffee and some hot tea. The young guy had the first two items and the old one had the hot tea, since he had already eaten breakfast.

After our parting of ways, it was on to the post office, since we get the majority of our mail from a numbered metal box, it seems to be placed there by someone on the other side of the wall. Then next door to the CVS for some items made necessary because of human frailties.

From thence I ventured onward to Bi-Lo, an essential visit because of our inability to break the habit of eating. But I do so enjoy that activity, possibly too much so, this attested to by a few unwanted bulges.

Next stop was Hardee's to obtain a gravy biscuit for my favorite spouse. After exiting the aforementioned business establishment with said food item, my quick walk back to the truck and routine morning was interrupted by a stunning bit of natural beauty.

In the middle of the drive through portion of the parking lot lay two blooms, blown there from nearby landscape plants. They were small, very pink and absolutely beautiful. One had already been crushed by the tire of a passing vehicle and the other lay on the damp gray asphalt, looking like a miniature umbrella with it's most colorful part facing me as I approached.

Already a few steps past, my mind demanded that I go back to verify if what I thought I had seen was actually what was there. Briefly I stood and stared in wonderment at this delicate bit of God's natural splendor. Whatever thoughts being considered at that moment were shoved aside to make room to ponder this experience and to determine what my Lord was showing me through it.

One thing I perceived in this was that the beauty of life is temporary and so easily crushed by time and circumstances.

Another was that the winds of time will take from us the excellence of words and experiences we should have valued more highly and better preserved.

A lesson also could be that we can find beauty most anywhere if we choose to recognize it, even in a grimy parking lot.

Then too, my mind was led to visually seek out the parent plant and source of this loveliness. I did so and my eyes feasted on a multitude of blossoms that I would have otherwise missed in my haste.

More personal still, I feel that God had that flower placed there to amaze me, show how much He loved me and to nudge me into an arena of praise, in the which He would be able to bless and strengthen me. To sum it all up I just say . . . WOW!!!


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