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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


The word "falderal" is defined as mere nonsense, yet I take exception to that because this seems to pass it off as totally unimportant. How can the word be dismissed and shoved aside as foolish talk or ideas when it describes one end of the scale of everything that does make sense?

In my mind I personify Falderal and view him as straining to hold up one end of the platform on which all things rational and reasonable stand. This is a heavy load, but there seems to be nobody else to help hold that end.

Ludicrous is near this end of the scale, as is Insanity, but the former is only interested in getting a laugh and the latter can't be depended on because of differing quantitative measurements. Due to this fact, one never knows where he stands or when he will fall.

Then the question must be asked - who is holding up the far end of the mental normality scale? To find an answer one must look patiently and carefully, because much fog permeates the atmosphere surrounding this defining balance beam.

Peering intently through the haze, I can just make out the forms of Lucidity and Reasonableness, and just beyond them is Sound Judgment and Good Sense. All of them looked disheveled and somewhat bruised, as though they had fallen or been pushed off the scale. They seemed to be for definition only because most don't believe in their existence anymore, hence the clouding of perceptibility, and with that goes their ability to really define sanity.

The mist shifts and lifts a bit and I glimpse Sagacity and Perspicacity and they appear to be helping, but on closer inspection they are more concerned with measuring their own perception and discernment than in holding up their end.

But the brume thinned again momentarily and I espied a presence situated at the very terminus of the aforementioned heavy measuring device. Approaching this living actuality, I perceive a very powerful and unique entity even though somewhat disguised by the flowing robes of humility.

In spite of the fact that ours was only a passing acquaintance, I recognized Wisdom at once. Its strength was evidenced by the easy manner in which this end of the heavy load was held. Determining to become better acquainted, I posed a question as to how this stalwartness was achieved.

The answer had a familiar ring, for it told of starting out with a great sense of awe and respect concerning the presence, creation and the workings of an all-powerful God. Emphasized also was proper food, first the milk and then the strong meat of the Word.

Related in addition was the necessity of exercise. This program included the deep knee bends of prayer and the hand-eye coordination training of seeing what needed to be done and doing it with one's might. Lastly described was the exercise of constant walking in God's will and not our own. Greatly stressed was the imperative of the regular, daily, completion of these actions.

On leaving this encounter, I knew I had much to do.


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