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Sunday, July 24, 2005

recipes 2

It's not that I claim to be a great chef, or even a reasonably good cook, but I can boil water and can prepare a few specialty items. Not the least of these is the banana pudding I make from scratch ingredients - this as opposed to throwing one together with instant pudding. But before I commence the description thereof, let me launch into a semi-serious tirade against instant pudding mix and anything made with this stuff.

Why do I not like instant pudding? First, there is the picture on the package. It just seems to me that crystal dessert dishes and this instant stuff do not go together, they shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence, the very idea offends my sensibilities. Why can't they show it in a Tony the tiger bowl - or why can't we eat it in Tupperware, because at least you wouldn't get that annoying "clink" of the spoon as you eat.

The second thing that bothers me about this concoction is the ingredients. The lead item on the package is sugar and it's all down hill from there. Why would it contain both natural and artificial flavors? Is this some kind of weird political correctness? Then there is a potpourri of chemicals, two to thicken the stuff, one to keep it from foaming and a preservative that they are ashamed to name because they only give the letters for it. On top of all this, they added three artificial colors, and my inquisitive mind wonders what unappetizing color it was before their addition.

The third thing I find objectionable is the consistency of the pudding itself. Unless you mix these dry ingredients with low-fat whey or yak milk, you always have the same taste and texture - just too perfect - and no lumps! And I ask, where's the adventure in that - or the mystery - and where is the romance?

Whereas in homemade pudding there's always the mystery and adventure of discovering a lump and possibly even more than one!! Think of the romance when you and your loved one chance upon lumps as you savor your non-artificial pudding together. One can almost see the glow in the room as the two of you tenderly discuss the contents and texture of these delectable morsels. Those instant mixes can never measure up to that standard!

Feeling somewhat better at having got that off my chest, let's continue with the banana pudding description. After having made my very own natural pudding out of natural stuff from my very own Tupperware containers and frig, the construction begins.

First a layer of Nilla vanilla wafers is carefully placed, side-by-side, on the bottom of a large, slightly rectangular, oven dish. Followed by a layer of pudding, smoothed out to fill all the in-between spaces. Then an individually placed layer of one-quarter inch thick slices of ripe banana. One must be careful in choosing the exact ripeness for the recipe, if it's too ripe, it's only good for homemade banana ice cream (but that's another recipe). Also if the banana is too green, the only thing it's good for is to teach a person patience while they wait for it to ripen.

Over these banana slices another layer of pudding is poured and spread to fill every betwixt space. Then another layer of wafers and pudding, and banana slices and pudding. This continues until your contents are within one half inch of the top of the bowl, then the beaten egg whites (with other natural ingredients) are spread over the top and the pudding is placed in the oven to brown the meringue. The finished product will just make you thick!

In another vein, the best recipe for disaster is to simply leave God out of the mix. ec


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