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Friday, July 15, 2005

fading reality

Does reality ever cease to be reality? The greatest of realities, even known and recognized worldwide, will, with the passing of those that remember, fade from knowledge unless they are recorded in some way - even if only crudely painted on the walls of caves.

Gone is the reality of Og, being eaten by a very large predator, because his mate Oola had neither the wherewithal nor time to record his passing - she was busy killing pre-historic hogs and bringing home the bacon. Whereas Umga, though consumed by the very same oversized animal, had his story painted on the walls of every cave around, because his family had more resources, personnel and nothing better to do.

Gone also is the reality of the lives of some western settlers, some having neither their birth nor death recorded, whose lives were snuffed by the serious end of early American arrows and leaving no survivors to tell or record their ill-fated journey. Most that did have survivors had their remains marked only by a crude wooden cross, driven into the ground and that eventually wiped away by time and weather.

Tis grateful I am that there is a reality that will never fade, with its greatness and the results thereof being recorded by multitudes daily. But the greatest of these recordings is simply written on the fleshly pages of the human heart, changing a useless and even hurtful life into a beneficial one and changing for the better whole family histories for generations to come. Is Jesus changing history through you?


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