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Sunday, July 10, 2005


A writer can simply be a person who commits thoughts to writing. A block is, among other things, an obstruction, obstacle, hindrance or interference.

So what is writer's block and why does it strike normal people? Then maybe it's not limited to just the normal because it seems to have struck me as well on an occasion or two. But what is normal anyway except a word to describe what most people are not.

Checking writer's block on the web I found 138,000 references. From this I concluded that the ailment is a fairly common occurrence, whether writing for fun or money.

I remember that writing letters (snail mail) was once a very arduous task because of the amount of time involved. First there was a rough draft, then the corrected rough, the corrected, corrected rough and then maybe the final. Then there was the great and wonderful thought that occurred later that needed to be added in the middle and writing by hand was very time consuming.

The desire is to be as error free as possible as well as understandable. This desire toward semi-perfection stands in the way of many things said, done or in this case, written. Yes, there are standards of silliness and I stretch toward the highest of these.

I wonder if someone could get thinkers block?

I've known a few that would have benefited from a case of talker's block. Of course the real benefit might be to the hearers.

It might help me pinch less than an inch if I got eater's block - at least for a short while.

Some that I have worked with in past years seem to have shoveler's block. Some even seemed to be unaware as to whether they had one of these instruments of excavation on their truck. Their knowledge as to how to use this implement has evidently been hindered or interfered with in some way. Plus they seem to have no interest in clearing away this lack or hindrance in their knowledge.

Prayer's block is a serious enough spiritual ailment, but it also brings about receiver's block (ask not - receive not). It's very easy to cure since we are much loved by our Heavenly Father. We can pray about anything, anytime or anywhere - just do it!


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