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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

kudzu 2

Being so inspired after the writing of "kudzu", I felt compelled to write a sequel.

Since we last left our maybe could happen resistant strain of kudzu, it has in imagination overgrown two counties and four small towns. Since this plant couldn't be controlled, we finally have proposed a treaty with it - without opposition it was called "The Kudzu Treaty".

Upon ratification we would agree to cede this plant a state, if it would agree not to grow outside its borders. After much debate, the area was finally agreed on, and even though I voted for the state of confusion, ignorance finally won out.

This kudzu nation would inspire many stories, but none so touching as "A Kudzu Christmas". "Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse - but outside the house was a different story altogether.

The adult mutant ninja kudzu had waited until all the lights were out and slowly, soundlessly started to grow toward the house. Reaching the porch, it paused only momentarily before creeping over the bright decorations. Gaining the second story bedroom window, Bertha, the lead vine, was about to cross over when she perceived that this was where tiny Tina Tirell lay peacefully sleeping.

Her highly developed kudzu senses caused her to stop and think of her own young vines back at home. She was startled to realize that she cared about these other beings and made the decision then and there to never again envelope another house, no matter what it's occupants and done to their clan. She ordered the other vines to immediately ungrow and leave the premises.

Bertha knew she would be in severe trouble with the head vines and would probably lose her tendrils, but she no longer cared, it just felt good to “do the right thing". The least we humans could do would be to follow this kudzu example.

And if one doesn’t know what is right, there is this special Book I have studied some . . .


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