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Thursday, June 30, 2005


On another day, in another place and during another season, it was a beautiful clear morning with the sky showing only an occasional small fluffy cloud shading the sun. From the balcony of a fourth floor condo in Gatlinburg Tennessee you can see the forest on the edge of Smoky Mountains National Park.

Our room is situated directly above the point at which two streams join together to become a small river. The smaller one comes from the general direction of the winter ski resort of Ober Gatlinburg and the larger source of water seems to come straight out of the national park.

One would tend to wonder, since these streams flow year round (I think), exactly where all the water comes from. Rain and snow melting would be understandable but could there also be a spring, high up, feeding these creeks? Or could it be just a very fast person with lots of buckets working hard on top of the mountain?

Since the bottom level of this condo is a parking area, we are actually five floors up, right at the top of many trees in the area. The singing of birds, the swaying of limbs, dancing leaves and the sound of rushing waters below seem to sweep away any problematic thoughts and emotions, leaving a tranquility that only being in the presence of God's creations can give.

Looking down at the streams one can see butterflies dancing in the sunlight and smaller insects floating on the breeze - possibly living out their whole life cycle in one day. If they had a bad day, it would last their whole life!

I think I've decided not to have any more bad days, only good, with just a few that are not quite as good as the others. mreddie


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