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Sunday, June 26, 2005

ski trip 4

It was a dark and stormy night - actually not so stormy, but it was dark, as most nights are. We were into the second night in our place of resting on the ski trip. I was awakened in the pre-dawn blackness by the faintest of movements of the doorknob.

As I came to full awareness, the movement and accompanying slight noise continued. It was like someone trying to sneak in after being out too late but couldn't find the right key. Since everyone that belonged in our room was already contained therein, I had to assume it was someone that shouldn't be in our room, or even outside our door, unless they were knocking for permission to enter, which they were not.

The exterior door had a small square window at eye level covered with a thick slightly larger cloth. It was cold and my bed was warm, but curiosity finally pulled me from under the covers, across the cold floor to lift the square of cloth to peer out.

What should cast itself into my field of vision but five of my younger brothers in Christ, from my very own church, nearing the completion of a stealthy prank. A nearby security light illuminated the whole scene. The movement of the cloth was spotted almost immediately and three of them fled to my left and the other two melted away to the right.

I went back to bed but had trouble going back to sleep for at least three reasons - first was my profound amazement at the exuberance of youth, next was the fact that my room mate in the other bunk never stirred during the whole experience, and thirdly because my bunk was shaking from laughing so hard. mreddie


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