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Saturday, June 25, 2005

ski trip 3

The place we stayed at night on the ski trip was a dormitory type affair and had only a small amount of snow around the edges. The enthusiasm of the group was at such a high level that some of them tried (or said they did) to make asphalt angels and with the failing of that they tried the same procedure on the grass with much the same results.

Next morning I was one of the few that went for breakfast, even though its price was included in the lodging - their futile angel making efforts evidently exhausted the others. It was a good meal and they even had my favorite morning beverage, hot tea.

After dining, four of us hardy early risers and breakers of the fast ventured down to the gym to inspect the facilities. We played a short game of two on two in basketball and my side was thoroughly trounced, even though the final winning score was only four. Of all the skill games that I don't play very will, basketball is probably the worst of the worst.

My coordination demands that I keep one eye on the ball in order to dribble, that leaves only one eye to watch where I'm going and none left with which to shoot, which accounts for my making exactly zero goals. The game does serve to keep me humble - as if I needed any help for that - but leaves out the possibility of the chewing of gum while playing, because then my coordination circuits would probably blow out and I might break or hurt some part of myself much more important than my pride. mreddie


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