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Thursday, June 23, 2005


On another day, in another place and during another season from the not too distant past, while preparing to return home from Tennessee after visiting Michele, Robbie and their crew, I heard a cacophony of sound produced by a large flock of crows nearby.

The noisy gang was in flight, circling and swooping toward what I finally perceived to be a rather large hawk. The hawk was soaring along with only an occasional slight altering of course as though he was paying little attention to the black-feathered racket.

The hawk landed in a tall tree and the crows left it for another clamoring endeavor out of sight behind another building roof. I walked to get another vantage point and into view came a situation much like the first - a very noisy treatment of another hawk, possibly the mate of the first one.

The first hawk then flew to join the second in it's flight and as they sailed out of sight, the crows continued their ear grating sounds - even though it was at a somewhat respectful distance. In reality, the crows - a very communal bird - had banded together to drive away the hawks or at the very least, to annoy them as much as possible.

But I couldn't help but think how much like satan's forces the black emissaries of cawdom were as they try to disturb or alter our flight with Christ. Like the crows feared the stronger bird, the demons are held in check by our all-powerful God - and I'm thankful. mreddie


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