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Thursday, June 23, 2005

The goats of Acryl

The label in the sweater said 100% Acrylic - Made in Hong Kong. Given the fact that wonderful sweaters are made from wool, cashmere, mohair and alpaca - and these come from animals - I couldn't help but wonder what kind of animal acrylic came from.

After much research (several minutes) throughout my animal library facilities, copious amounts of deductive reasoning and a few SWAGs, I have narrowed it down a bit, but as yet have not come up with a single mention of this animal anywhere. But the manufacturing location of the sweater leads me to believe that it is from somewhere in the Far East.

The total lack of information tells me this animal is a closely guarded secret, but probably is a very hardy sheep or goat from a high mountain range. The name of the material tells me it must be a small country guarded by inaccessible, altitudinous terrain whose name almost has to be Acryl, because everything from there is Acrylic.

Evidently the acryl animal is a very prolific hair grower because this type material is seen throughout cloth-dom and more specifically, sweater-dom. The people of Acryl have to be a very caring, careful people, for if they sheared too much from the animal, it would freeze in the terrible temperature extremes that I assume their home country must have and the whole Acrylic economy would collapse.

The material has a feel of springy plasticity causing me to farther conclude that the Acryl animal must be a goat and omnivorous to the point of consuming not only grass and other plant material but also the plastic waste of this tiny country, showing us recycling's finest by-product.

The search for and the saga of this animal will continue until all the facts are out. If any of you know anything about this creature or it's country of origin, please let me know. mreddie


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