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Saturday, June 25, 2005

ski trip 2

Continuing from another day, place and season. Even though crows are not a very beautiful bird, they have a freedom we do not have - the freedom of flight. Soaring on the winds and currents of air in a seemingly effortless passage from one place to another. I somewhat envy them in their journeys through air, but do they look down on us with envy and wish they could participate in our many adventures?

Do the crows wish that they could drive vehicles or ski the slopes to their little heart's content? Or maybe to snow board (or crow board) - one can almost see them now, zipping down the trails cawing with delight - or - coyly calling out in their delirious dark feathered enthrallment.

Being the wildlife and animal watcher and appreciator that I am, I was particularly interested in trying to catch a glimpse of a form of wildlife that I had heard and read about just a little and that inhabited ski slopes. This animal was the ski bunny and although I walked around to view several slopes and observed quite a bit of the activity on said slopes, I have yet to catch sight of this elusive creature.

Other wildlife and their antics throughout the area were quite entertaining - these were the human animals that so crowded that domain. I suppose all the human activity frightened the ski bunnies away. ec


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