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Friday, June 24, 2005

ski trip 1

On another day, in another place and during another season, I was with the singles on a ski trip to NC - I'm neither single nor do I ski, but went as a driver/chaperone. I was having some quiet time in the van after dropping off the participants of that cold sport at the snow-covered slopes. It was a great time of reflection as well as soaking up the awesome scenery of the surrounding mountains.

In visual evidence at the edges of the parking lot was a flock of crows that seemed to be surviving on tidbits of food that were dropped or thrown down by careless humans. They walked around in the parking lot’s patches of dirty snow in constant hopes of discovering another scrap of discarded sustenance.

When someone walked by they all flew to a nearby tree to await the all clear. They seemed to have some form of pecking order as to which of them got the highest limb as a vantage point and were not tolerant of one that might try to take their perch. A little like some folks in some churches when others sit where they normally do.

All this was going on within sight of millions of dollars worth of real estate and houses that dotted the sides of the steep slopes of the nearby range. With thousands being spent every day by those skiing and snow boarding, with all the apparatus and expenses contained therein, yet the crows only wanted the leftovers.

Kind of reminds me of Christians that say they want God's very best but settle for leftovers from around the edges. mreddie


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