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Friday, June 24, 2005

first-last day

Besides today being the first day of the rest of my life, it’s also the first day of the rest of everybody’s life and somehow that doesn’t seem quite fair since everybody can’t be first. Some people are so competitive that if they realized that it was the first day of everybody’s life, then they would just get up earlier to see if they could be more first in their day than anyone else.

This brings up the point of when during the day does that first day of the rest of one’s life start – at what time of the day? Because if one goes to bed after midnight, this first day of the rest of their life might span the period of portions of two days. Then does this aforementioned day just coincide with daylight hours or is it a 24 hour period?

My thinking would lean toward the 24 hour period, otherwise many folks would try to abuse this and squeeze more time out of the day by setting up large lights to illumine the area and somewhat fool time a bit. The first day thing could even be considered waking and sleeping hours but some might even be tempted to actually put someone to sleep and take part of their waking hours for their own uses and these uses may not the ways that the sleeping one would have used them. Also would these stolen waking hours continue to age the one stolen from or the one stealing them?

The 24 hour periods would definitely be the only fair way to count the days of the rest of our lives. But I still don’t really know the time of day that day would start, and don’t even know a way to find out – that is unless you start with the hour your birth certificate says you were born. Then what if yesterday was the first day of the rest of my life and everybody else started today?

Of course it could be that today is the last day of many folks life and all this conjecture about the first day of everybody’s life is a somewhat moot point since it won’t matter to them anyway – at least not after today. That would be the only way to determine with accuracy the beginning hour of the days of our lives, count backward 24 hours from the time someone ceases to live – though by that time it’s not a lot of help.

Hopefully those among us that are going to have their last day today have thought to make things right by asking God for their wrongdoings to be forgiven, because today would be their last day of being able to choose their destination after life.

If they ended their last day of life on this earth in this forgiven condition, it would be the first moment of their life in eternity with God, days as we know them wouldn’t even be counted anymore – wow, what a concept! mreddie


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