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Monday, June 27, 2005

in the middle

One bad thing about being a middle of the road type person is that it's easy to get run over out there. I've seen some middle of the road type animals, namely the possum, and then usually just the squashed corpse thereof.

This makes me wonder (see how one thing leads to another) what percentage of possums that start across the road actually makes it to the other side. I don't think the kill rate is 100% because I have missed a few of them myself, unless they went back across in front of another car.

Possums fall into the category of animals that are omnivorous to even the eating of animal parts that have long ago reached ambient temperature. My eating habits tend to be somewhat in the direction of omnivorous-ness, but I do draw the line at road kill, at least if I'm aware that it is.

I do have some food allergies though, and if I eat too much of certain foods, I will break out – in fat! The word fat reminds me of pigs and thus the question comes to mind – is hogwash and sheep dip the same thing?

Here's a word for you - inextinguishable - I would use it to describe the joy that comes from God. Even satan can't dampen this joy; much less put it out - unless we allow him to do so. Usually he tries fool us into believing that we are in such dire circumstances that we then loosen our grip on the very joy of the Lord that is our strength. God made joy available to us, but it is our choice as to whether or not we make - and keep - it a part of our lives. mreddie


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