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Sunday, June 26, 2005


It was on another day, in another place and during another season and I listened. This was a wonderful day of false spring with the temperature going up into the 70's - very odd for Feb. My work area was populated almost totally by trees and was situated between two housing settlements. The air seemed to be nearly filled with the sounds of wild birds that were very encouraged by the warm weather.

My ears could detect the sound of at least four or five different species. They ranged from the tiniest of peeps to the song of larger birds and even the raucous, far off caw of a crow. About a block away the crowing of a two-rooster competition could be heard, each loudly proclaiming that they were the head fowl.

Down in the valley the somewhat forlorn and lonely sound of a train whistle was cast onto the airwaves. The growl of a distant chainsaw presented itself along with the sharp whir of a brush grinder.

The barking of a dog, challenging any that would care to listen, spoke that this was his yard and any trespasser would have to answer to him.

A woodpecker was sound-marking his territory by making a loud rat-a-tat on what seemed to be a sheet of tin.
Then I listened more intently. A still small voice spoke to my spirit and witnessed to me that all these sounds were made for my enjoyment and told me that I was much loved by my heavenly Father. I'm resolved to quiet the noise in my life enough that I can better hear Him and thereby follow more closely. mreddie


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