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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

the tiller

The year was 2000, spring came and went and for the first time in twenty-nine years, I did not plant a vegetable garden. Several reasons were factors in that decision, it was a busy season at work, I was busy with the family and maybe I was just a little tired – or lazy.

Since all of these things had been present before and I still planted a garden, I gave thought to exactly what was the main reason the garden was a non-happener. The thing that pushed veggies out of the picture was the ordeal of "the cranking of the tiller". Of course the tiller was an ancient one (circa 1971), but it was yearly torture before the old soil turner finally fired off.

The tilling and planting took the most of a whole day – sometimes broken into several afternoons, but a half and sometimes a whole day was required to get the machinery running. Since it was then 2001 and starting a new century, it only stood to reason it should be started with a new garden tiller.

Several considerations were pondered in this purchase - not the least of which was the cost - but the product was finally procured. Back home, it was de-boxed, put together, oil and gas added and the moment of truth had come.

It was a breath holding, heart pounding time - would the new be as crank-less as the old - and before the tension built too much, I pulled the starting rope - and it cranked - ON THE FIRST PULL! ! ! The thought of a swift kick bestowed upon the old tiller entered my mind, but I didn't have the time and would probably have hurt myself in the effort, so I fought off the urge and with great joy commenced to break up the fallow garden soil. mreddie


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