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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

uncared for

On another day, in another place and during another season, the large decaying tree trunk stood some thirty feet in the air, totally enshrouded by wisteria vines all the way up, with honeysuckle joining the entwinement for about half the height. Wisteria is beautiful when blooming, but is a killer of trees, completely wrapping a tree to the top, slowly squeezing and shading the life out of its support host.

Next to this was a sweet gum tree about sixty feet tall with evidence of wisteria to the top and starting to come out it's limbs. If trees could talk it would have been saying "Somebody get this thang off me"!

Along a dirt road was an abandoned house with a pecan orchard underlined by wild flowers with a small purple bloom sharply contrasting with it's bright green stalk. Along the edge of the other side of the unpaved passageway was a bunch of small, wild, pink roses with occasion interspersions of yellow honeysuckle. The last 150 feet of this side was almost solid with the pink roses, uncared for except by the wind, rain and sunshine.

In another place I was dazzled by more roses along the edge of a parking area of an abandoned business. They were a beautiful pink-red and also uncared for. My amazement continues at the beauty God has made. mreddie


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