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Sunday, July 03, 2005


Our household furnishings include two molded plastic step stools - same make and style - made by the same company. Both with one step on the front and the second step is the top of the stool. The blue one has been with us many years while the beige is a more recent acquisition - except for one other difference they could have been made in the exact same mold.

The new "improved" version has solid plastic sides and back, whereas the older has openings in all three places. The fill-in modifications were probably brought on by some sort of litigation - so with minor retooling, the newer, safer (?) stool was born.

Unfortunately, we humans can't be retooled and physically made into an improved version, nor do we need to be - even though some researchers are striving to do almost that exact thing. Being "fearfully and wonderfully made", our deficiencies mostly come from the care we give, or the lack thereof, to what God has given us.

It seems strange to me that we humans sometimes go around empty, dirty and all broke up inside because of our own actions - then blame it all on the only one who can fill, clean and fix us.

I look forward to being with God and having a new body. Then after communing with Jesus, I think I would like to run in a flat-out sprint continually for a month (if time is even measured) ā€“ I am limited to speed walking due to my back. Then Iā€™d like to fly about that long with the wind blowing through my hair (I know I'll have a lot) ā€“ I now have very little hair except around the edges.

Then I would like to sing God's praises in the song of the redeemed ā€“ loud, long, in perfect pitch and without the voice limitations that are now present. mreddie


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