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Friday, July 01, 2005

the park

On another day, in another place and during another season, I noticed that the absolutely beautiful music was coming from a speaker made to look like a rock and was hidden in a bed of multi-colored plants - mostly caladiums. The flowerbed was located in a tree filled park on the shore of a man made lake and that was in the middle of Universal Studios Park in Florida.

I was serving as one of the chaperones on our church's summer youth trip. The day was dreary and it had been raining lightly all day. I had accidentally gotten separated from all parties shortly after entering the park, but as much as I enjoy company, I do not consider being alone a bad thing either.

Having attended the attractions that interested me, I wound up in this park inside the park and just meandered around enjoying the trees and flowers that were therein contained.

Many of these trees and flowers I had seen before, but earlier in the day I viewed what looked like a climbing palm. The fronds looked like a palm, but it had attached itself to the wall of a building and was climbing said wall - already to the height of about 20 feet.

Back to the park in a park - standing in the drizzle but separated from the wetness by my trusty poncho - I was communing with the Maker of all beauty. As my eyes and soul consumed these creations, I noticed two birds - in the grackle or blackbird family - sitting in a tree and they looked to be observing and discussing all the happenings below them.

Looking across the lake, I saw streams of colorful ponchos going back and forth and wondered if this was not what the birds were watching. I also wondered whether anyone else in the whole place even noticed the natural beauty planted in and around the park. I found the awesome plant display to be comforting, uplifting and recharging to my emotional batteries. mreddie


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