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Friday, July 08, 2005


Thoughts from a weird mind – mine.

We all take different routes to the same procrastinations and jump to conclusions to and from differing heights.

Wonder which is worse - yucky, ooky, icky, or barfy and how do these relate back to the old standby - gross?

Angst is such a cool word it's a shame it couldn't mean something good - instead of something the Bible says we shouldn't have.

Scripture says that life is but a vapor - maybe that explains why some people are just a little foggy.

We need some form of microbe that would consume Styrofoam - probably not much food value there, but the little critters wouldn't have to worry about drowning.

Sign said: "Bury those habits before they bury you - hypnosis works"! Could this solution be worse than the problem? Wonder what happened to old fashioned will power?

People don't repine anymore, they just grumble, murmur and complain.

Once just plain silly, I've matured into an easily amused person.

What does it mean to be possumistic and how could these meanings apply to me? 1- Nocturnal - not me at all, since I get sleepy around 9PM. 2- Arboreal (inhabiting or frequenting trees) - somewhat me, in as much as I probably fell out of one on my head years ago. 3- Omnivorous - that one hit me dead center. 4- Always grinning - no explanation necessary.

Alligators and allegations both have teeth and can be rather biting and/or incisive - so much so that it's hard to decide whether to see a lawyer or a surgeon for reparations.

I cannot excuse the weird things I do (or write) by saying that I'm going through my second childhood - because I have yet to leave my first.


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