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Saturday, July 09, 2005


The goal of at least one eastern religion is to achieve a life of abstract nothingness. Nothing is a thing that I've had a little of, but never just totally that. The nothings I have known only played very short roles, and these wedged between the somethings that were happening at that particular time.

Of course, when “something” is present, nothing can't hang around very long. "Something" has to be a special agent, second in command right below "anything", with it's sole purpose to stamp out or thwart the plans of nothing, so that it has no place to do what it wants.

A person can't really do nothing, cause there's the breathing thing. It's extremely hard to say nothing, what with body language and all. Even harder to feel nothing, cause after a while your feet, knees or your sitter-downer would get sore – or cramped – from just not moving. The normal person can't hear the nothing because there are so many opportunistic something noises just demanding to be heard.

Even if nothingness was achievable, where would one look to perceive the nothing and what would one sit on to enjoy it? And what kind of chips would one eat while participating in this endeavor?

Not counting the financial arena, which we all may be familiar with, I wonder if it's possible to have deficit nothing - so that you would have to add several somethings and maybe a few anythings to come up to a full nothing? I think I have seen some folks so far into deficit smiling that they would have to grin for a week to come up with a straight face.

Our spiritual nothingness multiplied by all our human efforts still comes up to a nothing future without Jesus.


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