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Monday, July 11, 2005


Is there really a real, concrete, substantial, tangible, substantive, actual, genuine, authentic reality?

If others and myself constructed a large pizza crust with finest dough and most virgin of olive oils, then topped it with the best ingredients to be found - - most luscious of sauces, scattered and smothered with a variety of choice cheeses and meats, plus other items suited to taste, spiced just right - - then placed with loving hands into a specially prepared oven - - would it cease to be reality if I were to be called away and unable to enjoy the culinary delights thereof?

But then what if I had tasted and enjoyed this savory masterpiece, would I not share the experience with kin, those of my acquaintance and possibly even strangers? What if they didn't believe in the pizza, said that it didn't happen, or that it couldn't be all that I said it was - - and they didn't understand how it could change their ideas about other things they feed on or that this could become a standard by which they would measure these other items. Would it then cease to be a reality?

Through Jesus Christ we are offered the finest of the tasty delights of spiritual food, yet we pick around the edges because of a lack of knowledge or feelings of unworthiness or the fear of a high bill to pay at the end. Why not partake to the full of God's best and then simply share with others the descriptions of the delights contained therein, and by this create a hunger for the things of God in those through whose lives we pass.


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Great Post Eddie!!!

7/11/2005 12:47:00 PM  

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