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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

real reality

The scenery we pass along the highway as we drive from one place to another is reality, even though it doesn't seem nearly so real as the interior of the vehicle in which we are being transported. The reason being is that we are personally experiencing the one with more sensory perceptions than we are the other.

Is something real only because we perceive it to be? Is there reality we cannot perceive? I know there is reality that's harder for some to grasp than others, maybe even totally out of reach. Some would blur the lines between fantasy and reality, or even reverse the two altogether in their minds, and cannot understand why others can't see it their way. They keep away from doing a reality check cause they don't know where to cash it - or afraid it will bounce.

Jesus Christ is a reality that many have difficulty perceiving and/or understanding - at least enough to accept Him. There are many things I don't totally understand, but accept because they work as the instructions state they are supposed to. Total understanding is not a prerequisite for enjoying the benefits of a Christ led life.

The reality through which we must pass daily may be soiled and dirty, but God offers the vehicle of His love and grace, by which we can be safely transported, and our daily, unstained passage can be a witness to those that see.


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