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Saturday, July 23, 2005

recipes 1

While rummaging through some old thoughts, I came across some interesting muses about sweet things I have tasted. Even though time had blurred some of the minute details, all the main parts were still there.

Dusting these memories off, I noticed that my first candy of recollection was the still existent candy corn. Though it was wonderful then, it is by-passed by me now because of the almost total content of sugar, artificial color, with just an itsy-bitsy bit of flavor.

Then there was the near total fascination with the culinary delight of my Mom's rice pudding when I was a young lad. When I was grown, this taste memory returned to taunt me, but after wasting much rice and pudding ingredients, I was still unable to recapture the flavor. Could this delectable fantasy have been so enhanced by time and memory that it was now realistically unreachable?

Then there was the chocolate ├ęclair!! When I was still in school, my Mom worked Saturdays at Bate's Cake Shop. This small bakery - long since torn down - used to stand on what I would call the Northeast corner of Eve St and Walton Way in Augusta.

The cakes, with one or two exceptions, were not particularly cherished by my taste buds. Some of the cookies and the coconut macaroons were OK, but not real show stoppers. The one item in the whole shop that made my salivary system go atwitter was the aforementioned custard filled pastry with chocolate spread on top.

There was nothing special about the pastry shell or even the chocolate on top, but the rich, deep yellow, filling stands in my taste bud's hall of fame, unequaled to this present day.

The head baker, nephew of the owners, who later became the owner of the shop, carefully guarded the custard recipe, as well as several others. And as far as I know, when he passed away, the recipes died with him.

Another meaning of the word "recipe" is "a way to achieve something". In view of this meaning, I see many recipes in the Bible. One of my favorites is for the peace of God found in Philippians 4:6-7. The wonderful thing about a great recipe is that when followed exactly, anyone can achieve the desired results every time!


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