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Friday, July 22, 2005

fishing car

This missive is to give "the rest of the story" on the 1952 Dodge car referred to in my previously sent literary hiccup. After the rollover, my brother-in-law called for a wrecker to right and pull his auto back up the embankment. Because of the narrowness of the road and the position of the car, it took two of these emergency vehicles to return his carrier of people and luggage to the roadway.

It was then towed to a nearby service station where a "mush for brains" worker cranked the engine without checking the oil, a substance that had most totally drained from the vehicle. This was a very normal thing for oil to do, considering the unusual position of the car for a length of time (upside down), and also taking into consideration the fact that gravity works all the time, even way back then.

This running without oil had a very deleterious effect on the engine and it had to be replaced. Had oil been added before the cranking, it would probably have been OK other than a little smoke at first. The car was repaired and driven all the way to the far Northwest of the US, where it served the family well for several more years. If any bodywork was done, it was minor in nature - cars were made of thicker metal back then.

When I graduated from high school, I went out to visit this same sister and family for a while - they were living in Great Falls, Montana. My brother-in-law was still in the military and serving as an army recruiter for that area. The aforementioned car was still serviceable and I drove it some while I was there.

It did have an irregular problem as you never knew if it was going to crank - defective starter - consequently the prudent thing to do when turning off this vehicle was to either park on a hill or carry several people with you to push start it. That not withstanding, they just don't make them like that anymore - maybe that's good and maybe not.

I'm so glad we have a joy always available to us all that's rugged, in evidence even in tough situations and it works every time if we know the proper starting procedure – this found in God’s Word.


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