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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

no mo

Although it has been a long time now, it seems like just last week when I sat in slight to mild devastation, sipping the steeped results of the very last tea bag of its kind in my possession. This bag and contents was sold to me by the company of Celestial Seasonings - their Ceylon Apricot Ginger flavor - and had been my faithful companion for several years - I speak of the flavor and not this particular tea bag.

Years ago my body rejected the brewed liquid results of the ground coffee bean, leaving a miniscule void, later filled and more by hot tea of several types and flavors. The type that is the subject of this missive was discovered during an experimental searching phase and pleasantly surprised the taste buds of this searcher. It became the centerpiece of my whole congregation of tea boxes with their small packets of flavordom.

Some tea blends have come into my life and have been discarded as distasteful. The most notable being the Earl Grey blend, which ranks on my taste scale only slightly higher than hog spit. Not that I have sampled that salivary excretion, it's just the most unsavory thing I could think of at the moment. My apologies to the appreciators of this type tea, but my taste buds rebel in a crescendo of revulsion if I even pass by boxes of it on the grocery shelf. That feeling does seem to be lessening somewhat with time.

At first I had no trouble acquiring this aforementioned favorite tea, then it was only at a few stores, then none at all in this area. My daughter found and acquired some for me in Tennessee, but they eventually ran out. Then the only source was to order directly from the producing company and this is the last bag of the case I received from them. Calling back to order again, I discovered that it had been discontinued and none was left. I had been saving the last bag for several months, but with its use, that day was the day of no mo.

This little twinge of loss only serves to remind me of the constancy of the supplies of good things that come from my Heavenly Father. This never ending source is available to all as we choose to follow His Word, and that makes me glad!


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