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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


As I walked along one day
I felt the pain begin,
Between my insole and my foot,
I sensed a rock within.

I cast my eyes around me there,
T'was no convenient place,
To loose my shoe and get it out
And get back to my pace.

On I walked the more in pain,
The rock began to grow,
But knowing nature just a bit
I knew this was not so.

The more I walked, the more it grew,
In size and in the hurt,
Still I could find no place to sit,
So I sat down in the dirt.

Off came the shoe, out came the rock
And I held it in my hand.
I was amazed it was so small,
Just like a grain of sand.

Then I thought just how much like
Our Christian walk this is,
It’s not the boulders, but the sand
That causes us to fizz.

We're troubled by the small things
That we allow to build,
The little this and the tiny that,
Until our soul is filled,

With many problems, toil and strife,
Trouble and discord,
That could all be washed away
If we'd take it to the Lord.

Still we tend to stumble on
Through the heartache and the pain,
Maybe feeling that through all this
Our sainthood we could gain.

It is according to God's will
That we should all have peace
And so it states in the Word of God
That our prayers should never cease.

For through our prayer and constant faith
Those troubles melt away
Cause as we use the Word of God
Our problems cannot stay.

Then we are free, just as at first
To live and tell God's story,
And we can have a peaceful life
And joy that's full of glory.


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