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Friday, July 29, 2005


Over the course of the summer I have been de-weeding, de-grassing and de-brambling my garden and blueberry patch. This has been done in medium to short time segments because of the heat and because I dislike sweating – I’m not saying that I don’t do it, I just don’t like to.

As I finish one segment of a bed or part of the patch and look back over the previously cleared area, I realize that these unwanted plant forms are not getting the message and are starting to grow back. It would appear necessary to go back over the area for farther convincing that they are unwelcome.

Even worse, on one corner of the garden, the more serious problem of briars has raised its ugly head - figuratively speaking - it was actually just a thorny stem with leaves. Briars and brambles differ in as much as one is more determined than the other. Exactly which one is that is somewhat up for grabs, as the brambles are the faster spreading with the briars deeper in their root growth. Could it be possible that these thorny growths are direct descendants of those that Adam had to contend with after he was booted out of the Garden of Eden?

When the above ground portion of either of these pain causers is pulled off, the plant will re-sprout from any portion of the root left in the ground. This reminds me a lot of what the Bible calls sin - we can clean up the outside all we want, but it takes God to deal with the “root” problem.

Then there are the grasses and weeds. The seeds of these are most often grown nearby but can be brought in by birds or blown in by the wind - probably an ill and foreboding one. They sprout, grow as fast as they can and try to produce seed before I notice them.

The case for not noticing them was particularly strong this season since it has either been hot or rainy, plus I have been somewhat distracted by personal and family things. But notice them I did and removed their ornery carcasses and placed them in a heap to dry in the sun. By contending with them now, my contention with their offspring will be somewhat lessened next year - hopefully.

Since I am now retired, some might think there is no excitement in my life, but such is not the case. There are several fire ant beds in my yard and should my atwitter-ness ever diminish, I can always go stand in one of these, or more exciting still would be to sit on one. This brings much excitement to the ants as well, plus it makes about as much sense as some of the things I've seen others do for a thrill.

Almost as exciting as this - though not as long lasting - is being slapped in the face by a bramble during it's removal process. The bramble and weed wars continue - stay tuned for more exciting news from the front!


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