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Thursday, August 04, 2005


I'm somewhat appalled by the fact that more people are not appalled, or at least not so by the things that I feel should inspire appallation (or appallment). I'm appalled by the apparent disability of the young to entertain themselves without the aid of electronic devices.

I'm dismayed by the evidential lack of "joie de vivre" in many folks harried and hurried lives. I'm taken aback by the small amounts of oohs and ahs when viewing spring flowers or a sunset.

I even feel some consternation directed toward myself, because the only time I skip stones across the surface of the pond behind my house is when the "grand" ones are present - - it's been several years since I've flown a kite - - and I can't remember the last time I frolicked in a field of clover.

Maybe that's the problem - - we have forgotten how to frolic - - or at least in the innocent way. Puppies and colts just naturally know how to frolic - - so do children - they run, jump and play for no apparent reason other than they enjoy it and can do it.

Then with educational toys, TV and video games, the frolicking ceases and in fantasy worlds the fun is only had by the characters on-screen and enjoyed by us vicariously. We need to bring back the frolic - - quite possibly would take a series of lessons though.


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