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Thursday, August 25, 2005

trip 1

For those of you that may not know, I carry a small voice recorder to note my thoughts and later write them down, sometimes much later. The following describes a trip taken on another day and during another season.

At this moment (on tape) I am hurtling down the roadway toward Tennessee. I don't really know how fast hurtling is supposed to be, but in this particular instance it is 67 mph - that would be hurtling compared to horse and buggy days, because a horse's top speed is 40 to 45 without the buggy. A cheetah can run about 65 - without a buggy also - but even they don't go that fast unless chasing a quick snack or maybe that should be a hot meal. The cheetah must have come in through the door that my digression left open.

My attention is then dragged back to the trip. Is there anything more peaceful than rain on a tin roof? A person can almost get two nights sleep in one when under the spell of that sound. But the sound of rain hitting your windshield and roof of your car while driving through Atlanta - as you are striving desperately not to collide with something and/or someone - is not peaceful at all.

The purpose of this trip is to conclude the activities of last weekend when Carolyn and I, along with her Mom and Dad, went up to Cookeville Tennessee to visit Michele, Robbie and the delightful grandchild Caroline. Horace, Lucille and I came back on Monday and left Carolyn there for the week, this is the following Friday and I'm returning to bring back my favorite wife.

The tedium of the trip up till Atlanta had only been broken by a short visit to McDonald's for a pit stop and to purchase an apple pie and hot tea. After the excitement of Atlanta in the rain, which will test even a healthy heart, the rain stopped and the boredom set back in.

Just North of I-285 on I-75, the median is populated by row after row of decorative trees and shrubs that I am sure are very beautiful in spring and summer, but now they are just brown and bare. But even that is preferable to a bare concrete wall separating the two directions of traffic.

The southbound traffic has backed up for at least a half mile and lengthening fast because of an accident - I'm sorry for them, but thankful it's not in my direction, and grateful too. Would it be redundant to be grateful and thankful? I guess it would be dependent on how much you were of each one. But I'm not sure you can be very, very thankful and only slightly grateful or vise versa, it would seem that they would go hand in hand. I can almost see them skipping down the garden pathway, hand in hand. To be continued. ec


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